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Creating Tsunamis - Bucky x Reader x Avengers
"No what~?"
"No, I won't do it"
You giggled, "Its just a game of hide and go seek"
"That's not it" Bucky replied exasperated.
"Is it now? Then pray tell; what is it that bothers you Mr. Winter Soldier?"
Bucky's jaw clenched. "I am not him anymore" He composed himself, "I will not play because of the water"
"Its only salt water!"
"Exactly. My metal arm will rust" He said flatly.
"Ugh you need to live and throw all caution to the wind!" You raised your arms above your head.
He blankly stared at you obviously not understanding.
You dug your feet in the sand and faced the sun. "Come on its summer! The time for fun! The sun and the seagulls are out!" You went close to him. "Plus you don't look half bad in a swimsuit"
He looked to you shocked before turning away embarrassed. "Whatever"
You elbowed him. "Bucky no need to be shy! Strut that stuff~!" You smacked him on the butt and ran into the ocean.
Bucky flinched and he heard Steve laughing behind him. "What are
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 616 86
I Hate Magnets - Bucky x Reader
“If I could just reach for it…”
You stood on your tippy toes with a hand outstretched. Just an inch out of your reach was a Twinkie- on the top shelf of the cabinet.
“Just one more inch!” You bit your tongue. One more inch before you could taste sweet heaven.
Your fingers successfully touched it. “Yes!” Now all you had to do was grab it.
Astonishment riddled your features.
Looking in the direction where the Twinkie was taken you saw Bucky happily munching on it. He took a liking to these little cakes after Steve successfully persuaded him to move into Stark’s Tower with him and you.
Unfortunately like Thor, he too started munching away on your not-so-secret Twinkie stash.
Bucky leaned on the kitchen counter smirking.
“Bucky… that was my Twinkie” You said.
He chewed and swallowed before replying, “It doesn’t have your name on it”
Incredulous, you replied, “That was the l
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 645 84
Bucky x Selfharmed!Reader (requested, One-shot)
another Selfharm fan fiction, again, this can be sensitive to some people, don't like don't read.
Come on you fool, one other cut and it is done. you think to yourself. You sat in a small alley next to your house. Your boyfriend for two years hit you, and broke up with you. Because you didn't want to show him any fear, you walked out of the house. Now your here, with your small pocket knife, in the dark corner. For half an hour, you hesitated is you would do it or not. You bring the knife to your wrist.   I'm a fool, I'm a fool. Do it, damn it, come on! Tears were streaming down your cheeks. You slowly began to cut. Blood was streaming down your wrist.
You Suddenly were cut off by a man touching your shoulder. You immediately stood up and turn around. You look into the eyes of a tall long man. You wipe away some tears with the back of your hand.
"What are you doing?" The man asked.
You shrugged and walked away, but he grabbed your wrist.
"Why are you doing thi
:iconmelanietjuhx:MelanietjuhX 210 10
Bucky and Steve - Friends as in past :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 369 57 Bucky - Ready for the next mission :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 345 50 Bucky-Winter Soldier :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 137 38 Bucky Barnes - Broken :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 495 60 DEADPOOL :iconthemoonfall:TheMoonfall 124 18 Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier :iconthemoonfall:TheMoonfall 127 27 Our Valentine :iconcybersaku:CyberSaku 254 59 Study Night :iconcybersaku:CyberSaku 217 76 Different use... :iconcybersaku:CyberSaku 141 25 Soul Eater Souls Collage :icondhream93:dhream93 81 24 Trippy :iconcycrolus:Cycrolus 132 20 Sploosh Marble :iconthegreatestmidget:thegreatestmidget 20 27 Trippy Trees :iconthegreatestmidget:thegreatestmidget 45 72




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